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Flash mobs

In 2013 my cousin asked if I could organise a Flash mob

for her sister's wedding.

The surprise factor, all the our family being involved and the joy it brought to the night led to my love for them.

Since then I have choreographed Flash mobs for my parents vow renewal, a pre wedding celebration, charity gala and an Event cinemas Chicks at the Flicks events. 

In February 2023, I started community Flash mobs. Immediately after the performance so many of the participants asked when the next one was.

Join my facebook group with over 600 Gold coast women to be involved in the next one.

It is a group of wonderful like minded ladies who love to dance and have fun.

"Another Flash mob done & dusted. It was so much fun. Christie-lee thank you for all your hard work & allowing the opportunity for me to be part of this fun group"


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