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Welcome to Dance Society, where we believe that anyone can dance with the right assistance.

We are an adult dance school that specialises in catering to beginners, offering a unique and invigorating approach to learning to dance. Our unique teaching method is built on the pillars of support, fun, empowerment and community, allowing our students to embrace the joy of dance in a freeing and welcoming environment. We want you to leave each session with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Hi, I'm Christie-lee,


My passion for dance started at the age of 3. I trained in ballet, jazz, physical culture, hip hop and contemporary. The year after I left high school, I started teaching 2 year olds to adults and continued doing so for 8 years. I love choreographing, teaching and breaking down the movements so they are easily learnt. In 2009 I studied for a year at Ikin Dance on the Gold Coast. 

Previous work led me away from the studio and had me feeling like a part of myself was missing for quite a few years. In 2020 a friend suggested I should start teaching again. Instead of going back to children based studios, I knew there wasn't alot of adults classes in my area. That choice led me to a moment in one of my classes May of 2021, where the idea of Sip & Dance was born.

This creation led to all of the other services I know offer and the rebrand to Dance Society. 

Dance is magical, healing and incredibly euphoric. It has brought me immense joy for 33 years and I am incredibly grateful I can share that joy with others.

I look forward to dancing with you soon.


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